Simple, transparent pricing

We don’t charge anything for streamers to sign up and use the marketplace. We only take a small fee from sponsors for successful campaigns.


Wehype is 100% free for streamers. Browse through top notch sponsorship campaigns, choose the ones you like and apply! It really is that simple.

Free to use.


We are your biggest fans

Without the awesome community of streamers Wehype wouldn’t exist. We work super hard to bring streamers the most amazing sponsorship deals we can. We want to provide you as a streamer with world-class tools for managing your sponsorships in an easy and efficient way. We are your biggest fans and want to ensure you get to work with cool brands on fair terms with good commissions.

  • Access to awesome sponsorships
  • Crazy simple tools for managing your sponsorships
  • World-class analytics for evaluating your performance
  • Awesome support team


We offer a market leading solution for running highly profitable, engaging and scalable influencer marketing campaigns on Twitch.

All for just a


Commission fee

We believe you should only pay for results

Running successful influencer marketing campaigns on Twitch is challenging. From finding the right influencers, handle communications to validating the influencer carry through, measuring results and handling payments. With Wehype this is all taken care of. And much more. As a marketer, we provide you with a scalable solution for creating highly effective influencer marketing campaigns.

  • Access to a huge community of awesome streamers
  • Powerful influencer matching technology
  • World-class analytics
  • Awesome support team