Gamers, smarter than the average


According to science, gamers are smarter than non-gamers. Regular gameplay makes us more creative, better at taking decisions and more goal-oriented.

  1. Gaming relieves stress
    A study from East Carolina University shows that video games are one of the best ways to relieve stress!

  2. Gaming is good for our brains.
    Department of Defense says that gamers are more intelligent than the avarage. This is especially because of the improvement of short-term memory, gaming also sharpens the mind and help us to focus longer.

  3. Game lovers are much more creative.
    A study which showing that children are more creative when it comes to writing and painting may not come as a surprise. While playing games, we need to be creative at all times, we have to build cities, complete requests and solve problems, just to give a few examples.
  4. Gamers have more positive attributes
    A report based on an United States survey, later revealed by Twitch shows that gamers are more educated and sociable than non-gamers.
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