Why Influencer Marketing Works

5 reasons to why influencer marketing works

  1. Influencers have higher para-social interaction (PSL)
    Para-social interaction means that the follower develop an illusion and a feeling of friendship towards the influencer which makes a recommendation from an influencer equal to a recommendation from a friend.
  2. Publicity efficiency & word-of-mouth (WOM)
    Recommendations are by far the most effective marketing method. Studies show that consumers are inclient to purchase items when it’s recommended by a friend. According to Dahlén and Colliander WOM increases dramatically when influencers market the product comparing to marketing in traditional media.
  3. Improved brand attitude & purchase intention
    A consumers attitude towards a brand affects whether she will go through with the purchase or not. Studies show that the creditbility after being exposed for influencer marketing is significantly higher compared to being exposed for traditional marketing.
  4. Why publisher credibility matters
    Credibility of the publisher is crucial in order to influence potential customers. In a society where people gets overfloan with adverts and messages from companies, marketing often feels like spam. Consumers have become more resistant to marketing. Influencer marketing is exactly as traditional marketing, advertising. But because influencers tend to have a higher credibility among their followers the message doesn’t feel as negative as an advertisment in for example a magazine or on TV.
  5. Publisher-brand relationship
    If an influencer recommends a product or service, the follower tend to think the influencer has a good relationship towards the brand. This is due to the fact that the influencer is seen as a regular person. It is therefore unthinkable to believe that the influencer would recommend a product she doesn’t use.
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