Build your customer relationship through influencers

Customer Relationship Management
Nowadays,  working with customer relationships and methods to process existing, or potential customers, is an ever-growing strategy among companies.

Prices and quality of products and services are becoming more equal between companies , therefor the importance of customer relationships is increasing.

‘ It’s cheaper to keep existing customers than to acquire new ‘ is a well-tested expression among today’s businesses. The fact is that more and more companies move from a transaction -oriented marketing mindset to a more customer-oriented mindset, and the concept of relationship marketing has become an increasingly significant part when it comes to business marketing.

A buyer never chooses herself, even though she might believes she does. We are all affected by the people and the society around us. We choose what we think we want, but usually we just want what other people want as well. Therefore, influencing marketing is a really effective way to make people choose, and if you put on som interactive solutions here, we made it to a whole new level.

More About CRM – Customer Relationship Management
CRM is a perspective on marketing that particularly has emerged from the 1970s. RM means the creation of long-term customers, ie customers with high customer loyalty, which in the long term generate profitability. The marketing complements traditional marketing approach.

The foundation of relationship marketing, is the relationship between the vendor and the customer, and is based on a wish to create customer loyalty and preserve as many existing customers as possible. You want to attract customers and get the customer to buy a first time and then nurture and develop good customer relationships.

A key element in marketing, is to develop good customer relationships because it is actually more important than creating transactions ie establish, maintain and improve customer relations.

The opportunities for relationship marketing is to have subconscious competitive advantage that the company can benefit from.

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