Conqueror’s Blade

Conqueror’s Blade - Let's play promotion

Conqueror’s Blade was first released in Closed Beta 2019 and together with Wehype did they launch a global large scale influencer campaign to push the game from Open Beta to the first season DLC update with the big push around the Open Beta.

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To create a large exposure of the game during the campaign, selected influencers were streaming the game on Twitch. The live streamers were showcasing the gameplay combined with promotional graphics on their channels. Upon game release, viewers were also invited to play with the respective influencer.

  • Campaign Beats: 6
  • Markets: Europe and North America
  • Influencers: 105
  • Viewer Minutes: 9 280 000
  • Chat Engagement: 8 483 000
  • Completed Streams: 203
  • Target Audience: Fans interested in Action, Strategy, Open World MMORPG games


“The highlight of working with Wehype was the ability to follow and track campaigns in real-time through their platform. I am looking forward to our next campaign and can recommend working with Wehype.”
Ömer Karakayali – Head of Online Marketing