CuriosityStream - Documentary nights

CuriosityStream approached us with the quest of looking for new ways to market their streaming service and gather new subscribers.
Our pool of influencers ended up loving this so much that the average viewing time ended up surpassing the 70 mins mark.

Looking for a more in-depth analysis and report?

Wehype created a documentary night format where ten streamers invited their audience to watch documentaries with them.
Before that, two weeks before the broadcast the viewers could vote for what documentary they should watch together.

During the stream, influencer invited their audience to sign up for the services so they could where they left and enjoy the free 30-days

After two “documentaries nights” the three streamers that got the most sign-ups were signed for a longer partnership and ten new influencers were invited.

With this setup, CuriosityStream was able to engage the community through Wehype in an authentic and relevant way and build a pool of influencers that converted the best to bring new sign-ups for their service.