Total War: Warhammer II

Total War: Warhammer II - We delivered +753% of the guaranteed viewer minutes

Total War: Warhammer 2

In time for the new DLC for Total War: Warhammer II, SEGA was looking to boost awareness and drive playtime for the game. They used Wehype to launch a gaming influencer campaign with a Global targeted. Wehype’s audience matching made sure they reached the right audience interested in similar strategy Games.

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We paired influencers together for a live co-op-campaign experience with a twist — they were made to control each other’s units and the one who got the highest score, measured by number of territories controlled and enemies slain, would get keys to give away to their community. 

This meant the creators were competing “for their community” and that the community was impassioned to cheer on their favorite creator in hopes of getting a key.

Result:  +735% of the guaranteed viewer minutes.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Wehype on several campaigns for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS over the last year, and they have a highly innovative approach to campaign tracking and influencer selection. Their ability to match the title with the right influencers and reaching their communities at global level over the course of these campaigns have been exemplary. The highlights of working with Wehype was the ability to track campaigns live (in real-time) through their platform as well as the excellent communication from their campaign managers. I highly recommend working with Wehype, their passion to gaming, and drive to break new ground. They are a breath of fresh air.”

James Given – Influencer Marketing Manager