H2P_Gucio Twitch Streamer

He aims to become the “Ninja” of Poland – Twitch Streamer H2P_Gucio

He is one of Polands fastest growing Twitch streamers – Now variety streamer H2P_Gucio aims to become the “Ninja” of Poland.

H2P_Gucio, or Guciok as he is also called started his streaming career as a League of Legends streamer. It didn’t take long before he started to gain a strong following in the Polish community and he started to stream other game titles.

”I’m now a variety streamer and I love to play all type of games. My viewers love to see me play horror games, so I try do that pretty often.”

H2P_Gucio has been streaming for 4-5 years with breaks, but is now doing it full-time. A part from streaming Horror Games and League of Legends, his favorite title right now is Fortnite but he also says he enjoy playing Logic and Puzzle Games – The favorite game of all time is Entropia Universe.

”I love Entropia Universe, it’s a really old but great game!”

When it comes to sponsorships, he is very selective with the companies he is working with and says he really want to stand behind the brand he is promoting.

”It’s important for me that I can stand behind the brand and product and that it is something I think my community will enjoy. In those cases I really enjoy doing sponsorship promotions!”

The goal moving forward is to continue to grow the community and to be the biggest streamer in Poland.

”My goal is to become the Polish Ninja, viewer-wise”.

Check out H2P_Gucio on Twitch here.

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