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Powered by data and driven by ROI. We connect brands and gaming influencers for sponsorship campaigns on Twitch. Our tool will amplify your product offerings through influencer generated live content that will be seen by an engaged and relevant audience.

“Wehype managed to find a good selection of relevant influencers who really enjoyed the game and we’re excited about the campaign. We are looking forward to the next campaign.”

Thorsten Küchler - Senior PR Manager
Thorsten Küchler - Senior PR ManagerSquare Enix
Wehype Twitch influencer platform

Find the right influencers
for your brand

We make sure you connect with the right influencers and reach the audience that matters most for your brand. Wehype not only lets you connect with influencers with the biggest individual reach, but also with thousands of micro-influencers. This gives your brand a greater combined reach and a better market spread.

Why Twitch?

Twitch is the leading live streaming platform for gaming. Every month nearly 200 million unique visitors use Twitch as their platform of choice to watch live gaming content created by over 2.2 million Twitch influencers.

Because the content is being produced and distributed in real-time, it allows influencers to interact and connect with their audience in a very meaningful and personal way. This creates a significantly more direct customer journey. Meaning less marketing touch points are needed, leading to better conversion rates and ultimately a higher ROI.


Reach your customers through influencers they love and trust

Boost your campaign performance by having relevant influencers delivering your message with their already engaged audience.

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Once you are on the Wehype platform, sponsors will request to partner up with you to promote their awesome products and services.

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