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    We organize high impact campaigns

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Wehype is blurring the line between community management performance marketing

Influencer marketing delivers consistently good results by relying on data, experience and creativity. Good Influencer Marketing is when right Content creator deliver the right content, to the right audience. At Wehype we do this at scale.

Our Audience first marketing tools empowers you to:

  1. Collaborate with the right talent to reach your audience
  2. Content delivery in synchronisation with your marketing beats.
  3. Contextualizing your efforts within the larger market.

Our content formats build an engaged community by applying a consistent effort over time. This achieves consistent result.

A partnership between the right agency, the right content creator and the right publisher, creates relationships between the Audience, the content creators, and your game.

“Wehype managed to find a good selection of relevant influencers who really enjoyed the game and we’re excited about the campaign. We are looking forward to the next campaign.”

Thorsten Küchler - Senior PR Manager
Thorsten Küchler - Senior PR ManagerSquare Enix
Wehype Twitch influencer platform

We organize high impact campaigns

Wehype is a modern agency within the gaming community. We have built the tools we need to reach the right audience with your content.

Through the Wehype platform we:

  1. Identify and contract the right content creators
  2. Coordinate all activations to amplify all other marketing activities
  3. Evaluate all content creators that their delivery has been according to spec
  4. Handle payments
  5. Track all important metrics
  6. Report your progress back to you in real time

We are gamers, we know gaming.

We are an agency within the gaming community. We know have the experience necessary to bring your game to the right audience.

Our marketing packages for PC and console games will impact your bottom line. No matter what kind of game you have, we know the who and the how that is needed to hit the target market.


Tell us what you want to achieve, and we will tell you the how and the who

Boost your campaign performance by having relevant influencers delivering your message with their already engaged audience.

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Once you are on the Wehype platform, sponsors will request to partner up with you to promote their awesome products and services.